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Happy Summer! The season where it’s time to check in our text books and check out of… life (at least for the time being). We have finally made it and there’s nothing I love more than warm summer afternoons, ice cream or iced coffee in hand, enjoying the light and carefreeness of every waking summer moment. 

Maybe you plan to spend the summer at the beach, traveling or on vacation, or self-reflecting and being as productive as possible, either way, a summer outfit for every event is a must. This is why I’ve created a guide of all the basics you’ll need for building your summer wardrobe!

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1.  Basic tops

Whether you’re going to the beach, running to the store, or hanging out at a bar with friends, most of our outfits rely on basic tops because they’re so easy to dress up, dress down, layer, and pair with bottoms! All of these tops came from Pacsun which, I’d like to say, has become one of my favorite stores to shop at because of all of their sales lately (they used to be a little bit too high for my budget). 

I got this La Hearts basic black tank way back in the Spring and have not gone through a week without wearing it ever since. I love that it’s v neck, making it a tad bit sexier than your typical black crop, and can be paired with practically any bottoms and shoes!

I am OBSESSED with this Me to We lace trim tank because it adds a feminine flare to anything! It can be paired with a flannel or cardigan, or by itself for a more lounge/casual look! I personally love the look of the lace popping out on the shoulder.



Nothing feels more summer than bright yellow, that’s why when I saw this Me to We v neck, I had to have to have it. This top can be paired with a some light blue denim shorts and some converse on a casual Tuesday, or with some leggings and a flannel on an off day!

2. Denim Shorts

There is no summer without denim shorts! At least not in California, which, according to Katy Perry in 2010, is the OG capital of daisy dukes. With the weather heating up, your legs are going to want a break from  jeans and leggings, and denim shorts make the perfect go-to for everyday! You can dress them down for casual + beach vibes, or dress them up with a blouse and some sandals!

My absolute go-to for denim shorts? The thrift store! I am queen of the OG practice of buying old jeans, or using the ones in my closet and turning them into cut offs! Not are they super cute, but they save a ton of money! The shorts above were made from Levi’s. While these are running for about $35-$50 in store, I got them for just 7$ at the Goodwill down the street from my house. 

Another great source of Denim shorts these days is Forever21. They seem to be having a lot of sales on denim lately and I am absolutely here for it (is it me, or are their clothes getting cheaper AND cuter???). I am especially in love with these light blue high rise denim shorts because they’re stretchy and super shaping. They’re perfect for summer events and the beach!


3. A go-to flannel 

Anyone who knows me knows I am the QUEEN of Flannels. I love to wear them both on my body and around my waist. They are absolutely perfect to wear around your denim shorts or leggings when you’re on the go, or to wear on a chilly summer night! On top of that they give off a very cool, and hipster vibe that can’t go wrong in any casual social setting. They’re sold at almost every major retailer, however I tend to get mine from the mens sections at thrift stores! While you’ll pay anywhere from $15-$50+ at any regular store, they can be as low at 5 bucks at thrift stores! 

4. Shoes 

White shoes are all the rage right now and I am hopping right on the bandwagon! While I’m not a fan of the super tall white shoe look happening right now (I personally don’t feel like it looks good on me), I find that my go-to white Converse typically give the same effect! The best part about white shoes is that white matches everything, and typically make for a nice and casual, but clean look.

I LIVE in these NIKE slides during the weekdays! They’re perfect for running errands (or to the car when you left your charger). I love them because they’re super trendy, comfortable, and easy to throw on!


This is my second time buying these Black Elea Heeled sandals (amazon affiliate link) off of Amazon (well my mom bough them, perks of wearing the same shoe size as your mom!). I love them because they’re perfect for every occasion! They can dress up a casual outfit, or dress down a more formal one. I typically wear these when I want to be cute and sexy, but don’t want to wear high heels (like in Hollywood). 

5. Accessories

 Details, details. Jewelry is a HUGE trend right now, especially gold and dainty jewelry and I am loving it. They just give your outfit a little bit more… life. I got this Necklace, Hoops, and Anklet (I’ve linked a similar one to mine) from Forever21

Last but not least, my favorite accessory is my Kate Spade Nylon backpack because it’s SO convenient. Not going to lie, when this trend first came out, I was not feeling it, but working in a handbags department… you somehow convince yourself. I got this 2 years ago and it’s one of my favorite purchases ever. A backpack purse (any one, it doesn’t have to be an expensive Kate Spade!) is perfect for summer amusement park and beach trips! This is my go-to handbag when I’m cute and casual and on the go!

A recap of some summer shopping tips and tricks

1. Thrift stores are your best friend! Use them to find cute jeans to make cut-offs, flannels, and even shirts to make crop tops!

2. Look for the sales before anything else! I’ve noticed that Forever 21 typically has a lot of similar styles to Pacsun for a lot cheaper! And they have been having denim sales and lowering their prices like CRAZY lately! 

 3. While I’m all about saving money, treat yourself this summer! Not like, everyday, but if you love it BUY it. One thing you never really regret is buying something you absolutely love and felt like you couldn’t live without (ahem, me and my Kate Spade backpack)

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