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My favorite thing about this generation is that we’re hustlers. With social media platforms and access to education and resources that generations before us did not have, going after entrepenuership is becoming that much easier.

With that being said, mindset and productivity has become one of the most important assets to the budding Boss Babe and these days I’m getting all of my inspiration from my cute and functional Lovet Agency Instagram Planner. 

Here are some of the things it’s taught me so far: 

Disclaimer*** This post is sponsored by the Love Agency  Instagram Planner. All opinions are my own. You can read my full sponsored post disclosure here. Thank you for supporting the brands that make possible!

1. Set Goals

Oftentimes, I feel like we tend to set goals without a real end in mind. However, this only further promotes procrastination and unproductivity. If we think of it as something we can just do later– we will only push it back to “later” and possibly not ever get it done at all. 

The “Month at a Glance” section at the beginning of every calendar month of the planner asks me to evaluate my monthly goals, themes, tasks, challenges, and things I’d like to improve 

According to research, goal-setting is linked to higher self-esteem, motivation, and freedom, and those who write them down are 33% more likely to accomplish them. 

So, not only does this section remind me the importance of setting realistic and productive goals, but also reinforces them through writing and deadlines. 

2. Plan in Advance  

My Instagram Planner, being what it is, begins with a series of pages with room to create vision boards and monthly trends. It also contains two checkboxes on each calendar day that state “create” and “post.”

As a blogger/micro influencer This allows me to think ahead and consider the content requirements and deadlines I’m required to meet.

For many of us, we are chasing a dream while having other responsibilities. For me, this is work and school. Because I have limited time to create content and/or blog posts, planning in advance is a must if I ever want to get anything done. 

With that being said, I know planning can feel like a hassle sometimes. Especially when you have a million things other things on your mind and, let’s be real, don’t really want to think about it. But, I’ve learned that planning ahead actually takes some of the pressure off

In fact, it’s linked to less stress, and the ability to live in the moment, meet expectations, and prepare for the worst possible outcomes. Therefore, my Lovet Agency IG Planner has taught me the importance of looking at the bigger picture in order to craft my days in ways that make sense. 

3. Create To-Do Lists

I find that when my day has no real direction, I can’t accomplish much at all because I have no starting point or end goal in mind. That’s why I use the “Get Shit Done” notebook I was gifted to create my daily and weekly to-do lists.

I love creating to-do lists because they help me to understand my tasks in a bigger picture and prioritize them from the most important to the least. They also force me to be realistic about what I can get done, and create a reasonable time slot to get them done in. 

This way, I feel a lot better about the tasks I have to complete, making me more likely to complete them.

According to research, there are “psychological benefits to crossing things out on your to-do list” which are linked to satisfaction and productivity. And as we all know, the more productive we feel, the more we feel motivated to keep going. 

4. Remain Consistent

When we begin a new task or venture, consistency can seem easy because the initial excitement drives us to overperform. But after a while, it becomes harder to wake up and complete repetitive and tedious tasks, and we oftentimes begin to slack off. 

But with content creation, as well as anything else, it takes consistency to see any real results or changes.

According to this article, consistency “allows for measurement, creates accountability, establishes your reputation, makes you relevant, and maintains your message.” 

While consistency is a lot more than just writing things down, the act of seeing and establishing your plans makes a consistency mindset.  Dedicating time to small tasks everyday puts you ahead, creates habits, and eventually leads to success.  

5. Reflect

Through the improvements section at the beginning of each calendar month, I like to reflect on current strategies, set-backs, and personal performance. According to research, reflective practices help us to “increase self-awareness” and “develop critical thinking skills.”

In other words, they help us to understand what’s working as well as initiate solutions for what is not. 

However, this becomes easy to overlook, especially when we become overwhelmed.  Whether it’s because we don’t want to acknowledge what’s not actually working, or feel we’ve found a perfect strategy, refusing to look deeper is actually more of a mistake than anything else. Not checking in with ourselves just prevents us from growing

So, think of it as a doctors appointment. Ask yourself, what could I be doing to make myself healthier? What could I be doing to make myself better? Continuing to remain curious keeps us moving forward, and puts us ahead of everyone else. 

6. Affirm Yourself

Social media has become a blessing and a curse in our generation. On one hand, it’s made success, marketing and following our passions easier. On the other hand, we are constantly showing our lives, and being shown others’, which makes us more susceptible to self-doubt and comparison, amongst other things. (If you struggle with this, I wrote a post about it here.) 

That’s why positive thoughts and affirming ourselves is a crucial element to being successful. It’s so important to keep reminding ourselves who we are, and what we’re capable of. 

Psychologist Catherine Moore in this article states that positive affirmations are not about being “perfect or excellent,” but about training our minds to act in ways that are favorable to the outcomes we want. That’s why I love the page in my planner that says “what i you just went for the damn thing?” because it reminds me to put all of that self-doubt and comparison behind me, and just go for it. 

7. Take Breaks

Last but not least, take breaks babe. Don’t get caught up in the comparison game, or the societal trap of having to be productive all the time. We cannot do well if we do not feel well, and we don’t feel well when we aren’t taking care of our mental, physical, and emotional needs. 

With that being said, you’re doing amazing, keep up the great work.

With love,

Sabria Sparrow

Lovet Agency makes planners for Boss Babes in every social media field. Check them out here, and their notebooks here. 

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