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It’s finals season! AKA the time of the year where most college students are sleep deprived, stressed out, and running on espresso alone. With three weeks left of school, and two until finals week, right now it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for the things we need to get done. Luckily, I’ve put together some tips that I’ve learned over the past 4 years of my undergrad that I hope will make things a little bit easier for you! 

Here is my guide to surviving finals:

1. Duck Off  

One of the best ways to get things done is to eliminate all distractions. Yes, that’s right, even Netflix. During finals week, I like to cut down my work hours, clear my weekend schedules, and devote all of my free time to homework and studying. This is the best way I know how to focus and just get to it. 


2. Plan ahead

I like to start planning my finals week schedule two weeks in advance. I lay out all finals and due dates, create a to-do list, and prioritize the most important classes first. Know you’re having trouble in a specific class? Don’t put it off, start studying for that class first. The faster you get started, the less stressed you will be.



3. Go to office hours

I avoided going to office hours for a long time and that might be one of my biggest college regrets. If you need serious help, clarification, or even just a peace of mind, your professors are there to help! Last semester I went to a professor just to make sure I was doing something correctly and just talking to her decreased my stress by like 30%. They’ve been through this too, so they understand! And most of them want to see you succeed.


4. Study with friends

This might sound counterintuitive, but I studied with a group of friends last semester and it helped so much! There is just something comforting about being around people who are freaking out just as much as you are, it reminds you that you aren’t alone. So, reserve a study room, grab some pizza and snacks, and suffer together!


5.Remind yourself that it’s almost over

You’ve made it this far, you worked your butt off all semester, and now you only have x amount of days before its all over and you can put this semester behind you forever! Don’t lose sight of the end, remind yourself that you’re almost there! And then you have all of break to relax!

Finals is a difficult time for all of us, but these 5 simple tips can make a huge impact in reducing stress and helping to remain positive! You might have noticed that I didn’t include things like, get adequate sleep, eat healthy, or exercise. It’s because, while I think these are super important, let’s be real, we all know how it gets. But if you do/can, it is highly recommended.

With that being said, good luck with finals! You got this. Finals are tough, but we always get through it. Why I opted to go to Grad school and do it all over again? The world may never know.

With love,

Sabria Sparrow


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